Farmer Story

120 farmer families of Magarpatta came together with a dream to create a new way of life. They pooled in their ancestral lands and proposed the idea of Magarpatta Cityan innovative township, to the Pune Municipal Corporation and the Government of Maharashtra. This gave birth to the idea and an endeavour to change the way a city lives, and thus the dream of Magarpatta City shaped up.

Magarpatta City – An Inclusive Growth Model
Magarpatta City is a brand in itself not only for its suave, ultramodern design and services but also for an inclusive growth model that puts the benefits and well-being of the landowners in focus. The model emphasizes on the right of the landowner to have a say in the development process and accrue the benefits thereof. It sets high standards for land acquisition, making it incentive-driven for the farmers. It discards coercive land acquisition methods and exclusive development projects, creating an equitable and inclusive model.